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How to Change Your AirPods Name | Official Blog


When Apple gave us the AirPods, they made it so that the device can connect very easily to other Apple and even non-Apple devices.

This is easily achievable through the help of the button resting at the back of the AirPods case. When your AirPods first connect to any device, by default, they would show on the connected device bearing the owners name followed by AirPods while on Apple devices, when connected, they simply show as AirPods.

Changing your AirPods device name is a great idea, especially if you have a group of friends who all use AirPods, it is a good idea to name your device in order to avoid confusion. You really would not want a situation where you want to listen to something private, and someone else accidentally connects to your AirPods, do you? That should be a motivating factor towards changing your AirPods name.

In order to successfully change your AirPods name, there are certain steps that you would need to follow on your device, and the good thing is that you can make this change on basically any device.

It should be noted that for most devices, in order to change your AirPods name, you would need to have your AirPods connected to the device. So, here is how to successfully rename your AirPods on different devices.

Changing Your AirPods Name on iPhone

This is one of the devices that require having a connection with the AirPods in order to rename them.

Step 1: On an iPhone, the first thing to do in order to initiate this process would be to locate your Bluetooth settings. When in your Bluetooth settings, locate your AirPods. You would need to click on the “I” icon for the AirPods info.

Step 2: When you get into the AirPods info, you will see a page for the settings of your AirPods, this page would allow you to change other features on your AirPods as well. On this page, you would need to tap on the tab that has "name" written on it.

Step 3: In that tab, click on edit, and you can now change the name of your Airpods to anything that you want. After you have chosen a name, save this change and voila, your AirPods name has been changed on your iPhone. 

Changing Your AirPods Name on MacBook

Changing your AirPods name on your MacBook can be rather tricky at some point but following these steps would help you to carry out this task successfully.

Step 1: You would need to open the System Preferences from the Launchpad of your device and when this is done, open the Bluetooth menu to get into the Bluetooth Preferences. You can also get to Bluetooth by simply clicking the icon on the Menu Bar of your device.

Step 2: When you are in the Bluetooth preferences, locate your AirPods name. You will see an options button beside the name tab but do not be deceived, that does not work.

Step 3: In order to locate the menu to rename your AirPods, you would need to ignore the options button and instead, perform a right click on the name tab.

Step 4: After right clicking, the rename tab would appear, and it is business as usual. Simply change the name of your Airpods to whatever you want, save the changes and voila, you have yourself a name change.

Changing Your AirPods Name on an Android

Changing your AirPods name on an android is a relatively easy one and is not likely to get tricky at all. This is a device that does not require an actual connection in order to change your AirPods name.

Step 1: Locate the Bluetooth setting icon on the notification tray of your Android device and click on it to open it.

Step 2: When in the Bluetooth settings, locate the "Previously Paired Devices" tab and click on it. This would show you a list of devices that have been paired with your AirPods, and it would show the current name that your AirPods is carrying.

Step 3: After you have located your AirPods name tab, look for the settings icon beside it and click on it. Clicking on the name tab itself would initiate a connection.

Step 4: Locate the edit icon on the top right corner to reveal the rename window.

Step 5: Change the current name to whatever you want and click on the “rename” icon afterward this would immediately save the changes that you have made.

The act of changing your Airpods name is good, and it is one that is relatedly easy and not at all stressful, depending on the device you are using in question. Here you have easy to follow steps to changing your AirPods name on iPhone, MacBook, and Android devices.

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