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The Biggest AirPods Problem, Solved | Official Blog

Ever since AirPods were released, they have been one of the hottest accessories for sale. The products flexibility is one of the biggest selling point it has. If you are a person is constantly on the go then yeah, you definitely already have a pair, maybe even two. But there is a downside to the AirPods, nobody can seem to keep them together. I mean yeah, it’s what makes it different from your regular earphones, they don’t have those pesky wires that get snatched or hooked unto door knobs. The wires you have to untangle every single time you need to use them after you carefully put them away to avoid the same dilemma.

Going back to the AirPods, so the biggest problem is it gets misplaced all the time. Because it’s such a tiny thing, a tiny plain white thing that can get mixed up with many other things in your bag or in your dresser. It’s like no matter where you put them, you always end up losing one and you have to spend the rest of the day looking for it. The AirPods are great, but it’s not really a picnic when you have to get down on all fours to crawl all over the place looking for it. So how do you make sure that you don’t end up wasting your time and money? Well it's simple, make sure you always know where they are. Most of the time we can’t find something because when we put it away, we just put it in a random place, but if your things have a specific place where you put it then you’d know where to look for it. Like how when you know the couch is in the living room, pots and pans go to the kitchen and your clothes go in the closet. Now AirPods belong in your ears but after that where do you put it? In your jean pocket? Inside your bag? On top of whatever available space there is? Well, we suggest you put them in a case but not just any case, a case that has a cover, and that’s specifically designed to keep your AirPods clean and safe from getting separated from each other. AirPods cases solve the most basic but most difficult issue when having and using AirPods. Not only is it a practical choice it’s stylish too. I mean okay white is so clean and put together looking but you have to admit it kind of gets boring.

Not only that all AirPods look exactly the same. So why not have something that can go along with it that reflects your personal taste and style. It’s like when people see it, they immediately know it belongs to you, avoiding all the hassle of figuring out which a pair of AirPods belongs to who. AirPods cases can come in a variety of designs, and the great thing is there’s one for each individual person taste and preferences. It’s also convenient because you can hook it anywhere, the strap of your backpack, your belt loop on your ID strap or along with your set of house keys, so it’s very handy to have around. AirPods cases makes sure you get to enjoy convenience and style in one little amazing package, like a nice accessory that go along to your daily outfit.


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