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3 Finger Phone Ring Holder Kickstand - MOBI HANDLE Comfy Secure Grip, Scratch Resistant Durable Light Metal for Magnetic Car Mount or Stand, Gift Idea, w/ Wrist Strap [Black]

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Color: Black
  • MOST COMFORTABLE PHONE GRIP HOLDER: The only cell phone ring holder stand which evenly distributes the weight of your device over 3 fingers - ensuring total comfort and control. Easy one hand operation - text, taking selfies, watching YouTube, or making TikToks. Also great as e-reader holder and tablet holder!
  • RELIABLE CELL PHONE STAND: Watch videos or FaceTime chat completely HANDS FREE - at perfect angle; This highest quality cell phone ring stand is ultra-thin and light weight, but made so well - almost impossible to break! Will last longer than any other cell phone ring holder finger kickstand!
  • BUILT FOR MAGNETIC PHONE MOUNTS: Along with being slim, lightweight and easy to manage, our magnetic phone ring holder works ideally with our magnetic phone holder for car and desk or other magnetic cell phone holder for car so you can view the phone vertically or horizontally hands free on the car dashboard, home or office!
  • STRAPS AND CHARMS: Our finger ring for phone features two attachment points where you can add strap for additional protection from losing your device, charms, small keepsakes, keyring squishies, other exciting phone accessories to add more creativity, color, and uniqueness to your ring holder!
  • MADE TO LAST: Our collapsible cell phone finger ring made out of durable light zinc alloy metal, with special environmentally friendly high-strength scratch and corrosion resistant coating. MobiHandle is the only ring holder for cell phone attachable to any plastic or silicone case. Will outlast your mobile phone, tablet, or e-reader. We offer unconditional 3-YEAR WARRANTY. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Product Description

If You Love comfort - You Will Love Mobi Handle !

If you never tried any cell phone grip, ring, or socket before - try any other brand first, then try Mobi Handle phone holder for hand. You will appreciate the difference.

Why is our phone finger holder better? Unique features?

  • Patent pending 3-Finger grip for phone design allows the most natural, comfortable and secure grip position to hold and control your phone
  • Super smooth edges for maximum comfort
  • Specially designed attachment points for security strap, charms or other attachments
  • Large magnetic plate for strongest attachment to any magnetic car phone mount or magnetic stand (plate is not a magnet, it works with magnets)
  • Large attachment surface and the best 3M glue creates the strongest possible connection with your phone or case (easy to remove with provided instructions). We believe that super secure connection with your phone is more important than rotation, especially because our unique cell phone handle allows you to hold your phone at any angle - without the need of rotating the entire phone kickstand attachment
  • Our phone holder ring can be attached to a leather or silicone phone case - with optional screws
  • Great scratch resistance
  • Light but super durable - our ring stand for cell phone can withstand a lot of abuse and will last for a long time
  • Our ring phone grip stand has two resistance mechanisms to hold the phone in its standing position. This will ensure the phone ring stand holder to keep its function very long!

Made So Well - Mobi Handle is the Last Phone Grip Ring You Will Ever Need

What Comes in the Box: Mobi Handle 3-Finger Ring Stand; Wrist Strap; Cleaning Pad; 2 Spare 3M Strips; Screw Plate; Screwdriver; Screws; Instructions

Important: Not compatible with wireless chargers.

For phones with glass surface: glass surface of some phones, especially newer iPhones does not work well with any adhesives, but still can work with super strong adhesive of Mobi Handle if you let the adhesive set for 24 hours before using the product. For strongest connection in these situations - use a phone case.

Note: We built Mobi Handle to the highest standard and to be the most comfortable device to hold the phone. We also understand that not every person will be totally satisfied, so we are offering full support, returns and exchanges for 3 years after your purchase.

Color Rose Gold Black Silver Gold Black
For Any Phone
Horizontal Stand
Vertical & Horizontal Stand

Key Features:

Comfortable to Hold the Phone

This unique and patent pending design allows to comfortably hold your phone in any position. MobiHandle - the only phone grip with which you spread the weight of the phone between 3 fingers, making holding the phone most comfortable and less tiring.

One Hand Operation

You no longer need to use the phone with two hands. While holding your phone by Mobi Handle, your thumb is completely free and comfortable to touch anywhere on the screen. Even while laying down.

Easier to Hold During Phone Calls

Yes, it is more comfortable to hold-on to Mobi Handle than to your phone (especially larger phones) while pressing it to your ear. Not only comfortable - you will never drop your phone this way while talking

Stable and Comfortable Control

You can also hold the phone with two fingers - grabbing the outside curved surfaces. This way you can hold at any angle. This design allows unlimited ways and angles of holding - find your own comfortable position.

Use as Phone Stand

Watch your favorite videos and movies, video chat with your friends and family - at perfect angle. The resistance mechanism to keep Mobi Handle working as a stand is the best on the market, and will withstand long and heavy use.

Ideal for Magnetic Holders & Stands

Works with all magnetic holders - better than any other phone grip. Perfect for car dashboard or vent magnet holder. Works best with Mobi Handle Magnetic Holder for car and home. Perfect hands-free solution for vertical or horizontal viewing

Flat Ultra-Thin Design

You don't even feel it in the pocket.

Perfect combination of ultra-thin design and super durable construction. Any other phone ring holder that is thinner will not last long. Mobi Handle is built to last longer than your phone.

Never Drop Your Phone Again

Mobi Handle's unique design allows it to be attached to a strap - over your wrist or neck. You can also use a chain or a rope that can be attached to anything on your body, like a belt - to totally secure your phone from losing or stealing.

Story behind Mobi Handle

Smartphones are becoming so much more powerful, better and larger, but are we comfortable holding them? If you're one of those people who used flip phone, don't you miss the comfort of holding it? Holding a large phone by its edges is not comfortable for most and easy to drop.

Many solutions exist today to resolve this issue - all kinds of phone rings, grips, straps, sockets - we tried them all. Some are better than others, but none were comfortable, reliable, or secure enough. We use phones a lot, and needed better solution.

Our team of engineers decided to create a cell phone grip holder that we would love to use ourselves. It took us over two years to design and test numerous 3D printed prototypes, then to manufacture the best version with the highest quality in the industry, which we are now all use and very proud of.

Our goal is to make life of as many people as possible at least a bit more comfortable, so please join us in this quest and spread the word about Mobi Handle!


  • Does it attach well to the back of any phone? Yes, if the surface of the phone is clean and flat. Note: bond with glass back of iPhone takes 24 hours to cure
  • Does it attach well to any phone case? Only if the surface of the case where you want to attach is flat and clean. Attach with included 3M tape for most cases or with screws for silicone cases
  • How strong is the glue attachment? Over 50 LB of pulling force - greater by far than any competing product. Yet, the glue may not work as well on some surfaces. That is why we have an option to attach with screws. Please follow instructions for proper attachment
  • Does Mobi Handle platform rotate? No, it does not. The rotation option is a big disadvantage, as all such rotating phone rings cannot be strongly attached, they get too loose and wear out very fast. Mobi Handle's shape allows to hold the phone at any angle without rotating platform. Its unique design allows the strongest possible attachment with glue or screws, and high durability