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Cleaning Kit for Laptop,PC TV Screen Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Swabs & Case for Electronic Devices, Camera Lens Cleaning, with Storage Box (12Pcs)

by iKanzi
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  • Camera Cleaner Kit Includes: 1 Hard Carrying Case + Detergent lens cleaner +3 Soft Bristle Brushes + 1 Soft Brush + 1 Air Camera Blower + 1 Keyboard Brush + 1 Super Clean soft glue + 1 Microfiber camera lens cleaning cloth +2 Cleaning cloth + 6 double side Cotton swab + 5 wipes + 30 sheets lens cleaning tissue paper
  • Easy for Lens Cleaning: After gently clean with air blower and cleaning brush to remove dust, please use air blower to blow off floc and dust again. For the oils on lenses contamination, such as fingerprints, you can use the cotton swab to wipe in a circular manner and then wipe it gently with a cleaning cloth.
  • What is Used For: It's professional cleaner tools for the home electronic devices. Used for removing the dust of SLR camera sensor, camera lens, screen, the surface and gaps of the fuselage. Safe for all electronics and sensors.
  • What's the advantage: Uses the power of nature to clean without leaving streaks or blemishes. Absorbs and sweeps away invisible particles and smudges. Environmentally friendly and efficient.
  • Useful Cleaning Kit: Small size make it portable. Protective carrying bag can neatly organize all of your cleaning kit and other accessories, like camera lens cleaner, lens blower, etc. And also convenient to bring them with you. Independent packaging to effectively prevent secondary pollution.

Product Description

Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

iKanzi Camera Cleaning Kit is a great tool for keeping your DSLR camera clean. You could also use it on your phone, sensor, lens, keyboard and any other electronic products.

Storage Box

The storage box is convenient for your storage, protects tools and is easy to carry or travel. These cleaning kits will not be easily lost and can be reused many times.

Uni-body Air Blower

Made of odorless rubber, good elasticity, anti-aging. Direct a powerful stream of air to blow away dirt and specks from lenses, DSLR sensors and camera mirrors.

Lens cleaning Solution

Has a powerful decontamination effect. Does not leave water stains and is non-corrosive. Can be sterilized and anti-static. It can effectively remove dust and make the lens screen bright as new.

Soft Brush

Made of high-quality wool, it is soft and can remove dust in the corners. Easily remove the dust in the crevice. Will not scratch the surface of the lens or electronic products.

Cleaning Brush and Cotton swab

The cotton swab can easily remove dust and oil stains on the body, screen, viewfinder, etc. The cleaning brush is made of high-quality wool, which is soft and can remove dust in the corners. It can be cleaned more cleanly when used together.

Cleaning Cloth

The section of the fiber cloth is triangular, which can easily wipe off the oil when wiping, and has good durability. Suede cleaning cloth has strong water absorption. There are 2 in the set, which can be used separately from dry and wet.

Super Clean & Keyboard Brush

The Super Clean is made of high quality materials. Clean and strong, no cleaning, fragrant, not to hurt the hand, can be used repeatedly. The keyboard brush can be used multiple times, is static-free, does not contain abrasives or silicones.

Lens Cleaning Tissue Paper

Used to wipe the lens, non-corrosive, protect the mirror surface, do not drop dander, and effectively prevent fog. Suitable for glasses, cameras, mobile phones, screens, windshields, makeup mirrors, rearview mirrors, etc.

Wide Application

Suitable for all kinds of electronic products and photographic equipment. Such as computer screens, camera lenses, mobile phones, glasses, watches, binoculars, computer keyboards, etc.


All products except Camera Cleaning Kit are not included in the picture. Please turn off the power supply before cleaning the SLR camera. When using a soft brush to clean the lens, be sure to keep the lens dry and free of water on the surface.