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Deity D4 Duo Shotgun Microphone for Video Recording Camera Vlogging Laptop Gopro Phone

by Deity
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  • ❤【Dual Cardioid Pickup Patterns】The V-Mic D4 Duo is an innovative dual-head microphone that not only provides the front-end radio function, but also provides the back-end voice-over recording function. The carefully modulated front and rear microphones with different sensitivities can perfectly enter the live sound into the left and right channels, giving you greater flexibility and autonomy in the later stage
  • ❤【Small and Durable, High-Value】The V-Mic D4 Duo is 93.5mm long, 21mm in diameter, and weighs only 40 grams. Aluminum alloy metal pipe, strong construction effectively shielding external interference. Spray and bake the whole body three times, brush the primer, dot the spots, and UV cure. Craftsmanship creates high-end texture.
  • ❤【No Need Charge, Plug and Play】No external power supply is required, and it can be used on cameras, mobile phones, tablets, and laptop devices through the standard TRS3.5mm cable. It can be plug and play and avoid battery anxiety.
  • ❤【New Input Interface to Achieve Stereo Effect】It is additionally equipped with a 3.5mm input interface, which can be connected to other wired or wireless recording equipment, breaking through the sound quality and distance limitations, achieving stereo effects and restoring the real sense of presence.
  • ❤【Professional Shock and Noise Reduction】Equipped with Rycote shock-absorbing bracket, it provides industry high-standard seismic support for voice recording. Even if it is chasing, running and jumping, it can effectively reduce the shaking caused by noise. Three fixing methods: cold shoe, 1/4", 3/8", support top-mounted installation, handheld, and multiple play methods to match your different installation needs.

Product Description

Deity D4 Duo Microphone,Born for Vlogger & DSLR / Mirrorless Camera Videographers


The V-Mic D4 DUO offers a dual-capsule design, with one cardioid capsule focused on the subject in front of the mic and a second aimed at the rear, allowing it to pick up audio from the camera operator/interviewer/journalist filming the scene. Instead of being forced to shout for the benefit of a microphone, it lets the interviewer speak in a normal tone of voice without sounding muffled and distant, providing improved sound for interviews and voice-overs.

The versatile V-Mic D4 DUO also features a 3.5mm Aux input designed to accommodate a lavalier mic or wireless transmitter (both available separately). If you have time to mic up your subject with a lav, simply plug it into the jack and flip the stereo switch that bypasses the rear mic on the D4. The lav is recorded on the camera's right channel, while the front capsule of the D4 DUO is routed to the left. With the audio from each mic on separate tracks, you can dial in the exact blend you want of the close-miked sound from the lav and the ambience of the on-camera mic in post-production. No longer do you need to carry around bulky camera mixers or hard-to-find stereo splitter cables to achieve similar results.

Weighing only 1.4 oz, the V-Mic D4 DUO adds quality audio to your camera rig without weighing it down. Included are two faux-fur windscreens to reduce wind noise when shooting outdoor, a Rycote Lyre shockmount to reduce vibrations and handling noise, and a coiled 3.5mm output cable.

Do More, Carry Less:

Dual cardioid pickup patterns for directional sound capture in front and behind the camera. Low-noise circuitry for high-quality speech and dialogs.

Aux input for lavaliers microphones or wireless receivers.

Powered via plug-in power from the camera.

Compact and lightweight at 1.4 oz.

Rycote Lyre shockmount with camera shoemount.

1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded mounting options.

2 x faux-fur windscreens.

What's in the Box

1x V-Mic D4 DUO

2x Faux Fur Windscreens

1x Rycote Shockmount

1x Yellow 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable

Deity D4 DUO

Born for Vlogger & DSLR / Mirrorless Camera Videographers

  • Deity Microphones has always pushed the boundaries in what you can achieve with an on-camera microphone and the new D4 DUO is no exception.
  • D4 DUO features dual cardioid microphone capsules to capture the front and rear sound fields around the camera.
  • you can now capture the camera operator directly so they don’t sound muffled or distant when they narrate a scene or ask someone on camera a question.
  • Patented Dual Capsule Microphone
  • AUX 3.5mm Input
  • No Batteries needed
  • Custom RYCOTE Shock Mount
  • Durable metal body
  • Rotational cold shoe lock features 8 cable management slots

Deity D4 Duo

Deity D4 Duo Microphone is perfect for when you want to capture an interview with someone but also need to record the sounds of the environment on a separate track that you can use to balance the whole soundscape of the scen


The V-Mic D4 DUO lets you capture the story you want to tell from every angle. With its unique dual-capsule design, the V-Mic D4 DUO allows you to record the audio coming from behind the camera in full fidelity.

Compact size design

The D4 DUO weighs only 40 grams which makes it light weight and compact size camera microphones on the market. Now you can add high quality audio to your camera setup without having to weigh it down.


3.5mm AUX input that bypasses audio from the rear capsule and sends it to the right channel of your camera. No longer do you need to carry around bulky camera mixers or hard-to-find stereo splitter cables. All of that is built into the microphone.


Deity Microphones and Rycote partnered up to create a custom thermoplastic polyester shockmount for the V-Mic D4 DUO that is stiff enough to support the weight and keep the microphone balanced, but also prevents camera handling noise from being transferred to the microphone.

Dual Mono or Stereo Recording

This is perfect for when you want to capture an interview with someone but also need to record the sounds of the environment on a separate track that you can use to balance the whole soundscape of the scene.


The V-Mic D4 DUO runs completely off of the 3V Plug-In Power provided by your camera’s microphone jack. Plus, the 3V Plug-In Power is passed along through the 3.5mm input jack on the D4 DUO, allowing you to use passive TRS lavalier microphones.

Product Specification

Pickup Pattern 50Hz-20KHz
Capsule Size 14mm
Pickup Pattern Dual Cardioid
Capsule Type PrePolarized
Microphone Type Passive
OperAUX Input Connector TRS 3.5MM
AUX Input Voltage 2-5VDC
Output Connector TRS 3.5MM
Output Type Dual Mono Stereo
Material Aluminum
Dimensions 21mmD x 93.5mmH
Weight 40g