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Grip for Nintendo Switch Lite, Comfortable and Ergonomic Switch Lite Grip - Accessories for Nintendo Switch Lite (Coral)

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Color: Coral
  • Comfortable to Hold - Easier to hold, comfortable in the hands. This grip makes it so much more comfortable to play. No more hand cramping!
  • Fit for Big Hands - Better grip and is a lot better to get to your shoulder trigger. It basically turns the Switch Lite into a big controller. They had a good grip in the hands and didn’t feel greasy or slippery.
  • Match Switch lite Coral Color - It's easy to put on and take off. It matches the coral switch lite perfectly.
  • Easy to remove and put on - It can keep the switch lite in place. It’s simple to put the Switch lite in and out.
  • Does not interfere with the function - You can access every buttons and even plug the USB-C charger. The charging port is open and you're able to charge while it's on.

Do you feel uncomfortable when you play long time?

The switch lite has short grips, looks like hand cramps for sure! The grip is comfortable, and really helps make the handheld experience much more tolerable for longer play sessions. Easier on wrists and hands.

It is more natural to hold the switch lite and is more comfortable for your hands and thumbs to reach the joy sticks.