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Hollyland Lark 150 2.4G Dual-Channel Wireless Lavalier Microphone with Charging Case 20g Ultra-Light TX Lapel Mic 5ms Latency & 300 ft for Cameras Smartphone Camcorder Tablets(2TX+1RX) (Black)

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Color: Black
  • 🎼 【300ft Stable Transmission】 Holllyland Lark 150 wireless lavalier microphone can achieve an ultra-low 5ms over a transmission distance of up to 300ft. Wherever you are, your voice is there. The wireless laper mic Lark 150 scans the surrounding frequency 8000 times per second, and the intelligent DSP system prevents interference and ensures that the mic system is always connected. Even when shooting on a busy street, you can hear your voice clearly.
  • 🎼 【DSP Noise Buffer Design]】Hollyland Lark 150 built-in floating buffer sponge, effectively avoiding the collision between the microphone and the shell to realize delicate sound collection. The windproof and explosion-proof sound windshield is ingeniously designed and can be inserted into a 3.5mm audio interface. Hollyland Lark 150 mini wireless microphone produces cleaner audio, which can also be recorded during Yoga, Jogging, and other exercises.
  • 🎼 【Multi-Track Mode】You can choose the model according to your needs while using Hollyland Lark 150: mono, stereo and safe track. The receiver has a loop monitoring interface, you can listen to it while recording, and adjust the tone, volume, rhythm, etc. Also the Lark 150 is different from other wireless lapel mic--two-way control: the transmitters and receiver have mute buttons, both sides can pause and control the playback freely through buttons.
  • 🎼 【Only 20g Transmitter】The Holland Lark 150 wireless microphone transmitter is small in size and light in weight and can be easily carried with only 20 grams. Don’t worry about being too heavy and affecting the original appearance of the collar, because the coin-sized microphone only weighs 20 grams (equivalent to the weight of walnut), so Lark 150 can be gently clipped to the collar, and the body can be hidden inward and outwards delicate ornament.
  • 🎼 【Auto Pairing】Wireless lavalier mic Hollyland Lark 150 can be taken out and used immediately. The pairing will be done automatically in the charging case without any further operations. You will not miss the sound of every important moment. Note: Please remove the insulating film when using Lark 150 for the first time. If you have any questions about the Lark 150, please feel free to contact us, and the customer service will reply to you within 24h.

Product Description


Hollyland lark 150 2.4GHz wireless lavalier microphone system 1-Trigger-2

  • Low-cut function can filter out noise
  • DSP technology guarantees high-quality sound recording
  • 2.4GHz automatic pairing
  • Clear indicator light to remind working status
  • 50m transmission
  • real time monitoring
  • Long working 8 hours
  • Mono/stereo settings
  • Occasion: Double interview, micro video recording, Vlogging, etc.

Hollyland Lark 150 FEATURES + BENEFITS

Anti-Vibration and Windproof Noise Buffer Design

  • The built-in floating buffer sponge of lark 150 effectively avoids collision between the mic and the shell during exercises to reduce noise and enable delicate sound collection.
  • The lark 150 windproof and anti-audio-popping windshield is ingeniously designed to be inserted into the 3.5mm audio interface. It will not fall out even if you ride a roller coaster.

Smart Signal Processing Stay Connected

  • Lark 150 scans the surrounding frequency 8,000 times per second and automatically connects to the interference-free channel to ensure the system is always connected.
  • All sounds can be received with no dropouts, even when shooting in the busy streets.

Recording Modes Selected on Demand

  • Mono, Stereo, and Safety soundtrack modes, with their own advantages, available for creators of different needs.
  • Mono mode for 1-person vlogging, live broadcasting, etc.;
  • Stereo mode for 2-person vlogging, interviews, etc.;
  • Safety mode for outdoor shootings when the audio-popping preventive measure is needed.

Automatically Pair at Boot

  • Take lark 150 out and use right away. The pairing is automatically completed in the charging box without any further operation. Sing or talk as soon as you want to. You will not miss the sound of every important moment.
  • Note: Please take out the insulation film in the case when using lark 150 for the first time.

Exquisite exterior design, Stylish to carry

  • Mini and light, form factor with easy collar clip-on design.
  • The TX of lark 150 is Lightly 20 grams, only equivalent to the weight of a walnut. The size of a coin, gently clipped to the collar, the body can be hidden inward, and outward is a delicate ornament.

Optional Patch Cables for Directional Devices

  • Lark 150 perfectly match various models of sports cameras and mobile phones (adapters need to be purchased separately).

So Many Ways to Word

  • Two-way mute rhythm control, both the transmitter and receiver have mute buttons
  • Both the recorder and the recorded person can easily record satisfactory audio at their own rhythm by using lark 150.

Long Battery Life

  • Hollyladd lark 150 wireless lavalier microphone supports USB-C fast charging, the use time can be up to 4H, and it can be extended to 18H with the charging box.

Exquisite exterior design, Stylish to carry

Optional Patch Cables for Directional Devices

So Many Ways to Word

Long Battery Life

Technical Parameters

Interfaces *TX: 3.5mm Audio Input Port Charging/Upgrading Contacts *RX: 3.5 mm TRS Output Interface 3.5mm Headset Interface Charging/Upgrading Contacts *Charging Case: USB Type-C Interface
Frequency Bandwidth 2.4GHz AFH
Built-In Mic Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional; Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
Lavalier Mic Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional; Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
Reference Audio Input Level -65 dBV
Maximum Input Sound 100dB SPL (1KHz@1m)
Dynamic Range 100 dBA
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Audio Output Level 21-State: 45dB
Transmission Latency 5ms
Battery Mode *TX: 200mAh (0.76Wh) *RX: 530mAh (1.96Wh) *Charging Case: 3350mAh (12.16Wh)
Battery Life *TX: 4.5h *RX: 7.5h *Charging Case: About 2.5 times (Charge 2 TX and 1 RX at the Same Time in Full Charged States)
Charging Time *TX: 1.5h *RX: 2h *Charging Case: 2.5h
Firmware Upgrade Method PC
Dimensions TX: (L*W*H) 37*37*17.5mm RX: (L*W*H) 67*41*20.5mm Charging Case: (L*W*H) 121*61*43.5mm
Weight TX: 20.5g RX: 51g Charging Case: 227.5g