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iPhone Camera Lens 2-in-1 by Pocket Lens, Macro and Wideangle Lens, Fits All iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Google Phones, Alternative to Olloclip, Comes with Waterproof Pouch

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  • 10X MACRO LENS: Take professional quality close-up images. Discover a whole new world of mobile photography where everything becomes awesome.
  • WIDEANGLE LENS: Add 25% width and height to your images. Shoot broader landscapes, monuments and even kids. And reduce the need for selfie-sticks.
  • UNIVERSAL CLIP: Fits almost every phone lens, front and back camera. Even iPads, Tablets and even Laptops. Change phone, keep your camera lens.
  • PASSIONATE COMMUNITY: Get help and inspiration from thousands of #pocketlens photographers around the world through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • SERVICE and QUALITY: The original Pocket Lens service and quality is what makes this smartphone camera lens unique.

Product Description

Most smartphones are already amazing cameras, Pocket Lens adds two new dimensions

Two lenses and a clip

The wideangle lens (on left) adds a bit of breadth to your images. Giving you approximately 20% more picture to your camera. You'll mainly notice it when you take a before/after picture.

The macro lens is where everything changes and you'll enter a whole new dimension of photography.

And a clip.

The 2-in-1 Lens Kit

The kit is delivered in the neat slideout box. Packaged in natural cardboard box and with shock absorbing foam your lens arrives in two parts. The lens unit and the nylon plastic clip. Content:

  • Nylon clip
  • Marco + Wideangle + Cap unit
  • Waterproof bag
  • Instruction card

Easy to use and universal

The nylon clip is designed to be easy to attach and remove with one hand. We specifically chose this design as it is strong and simple. With no moving parts this design is made to last long and always be available.

The clip is particularly great because it works on just about any phone. iPhones, dual lens iPhones, Samsung, Google, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry you name it.

Everything is awesome with a Pocket Lens macro lens

See incredible details

Everything is big

Household items too

Capture snowflakes!

iPhone compatible
Works with 6.5 inch phones
Ideal for Macro photography
Ideal for timelapse
Easy to carry

Pocket Lens is a perfect addition to your travel kit

About the Pocket Lens 2-in-1 phone lens kit

When we created the Pocket Lens 2-in-1 smartphone lens we were driven by two thing. The first is we wanted to have more fun with our smartphone pictures. The second is, we wanted a cheaper way to have more fun with our smartphone pictures. We think we succeeded in both.

Let's be totally honest here, this lens isn't going to replace a Nikon or Canon camera. This isn't a "pro lens kit" in fact, there are no "pro lenses" that one can attach to a smartphone because of too many reasons, physics being the main one. But it is going to help bring out all kinds of creative ways to see the world through your iPhone or most other smartphone brands.

Why a 2-in-1 kit?

Most smartphones are already amazing cameras, the Pocket Lens 2-in-1kit was designed to add two new dimensions to your pictures.

  • A wider angle: Adds approximately 20-25% more to your image. Use this to capture more of the scene without needing to step back.
  • A 10X Macro magnifyer: Unscrew the top lens and reveal a tiny lens that makes the little things awesome.

Why not more? Because in real life, these are the main needs. We focused on what is useful and what is a little more than a mere gimmick.

With a macro lens, everything becomes awesome.

The Macro lens, turns the mundane things you meet in everyday life into awesome pictures. When you bring out your macro lens you will notice beauty in the little things, literally.

Capture more, go wide

The wide angle lens which attaches on top of the macro lens gives you approximately 20% more image. In places where you can't move back or to take pictures of monuments, adding a wide angle lens will help capture more.

Because wide angle lenses distort the image slightly you can use that effect to add a bit of "drama" to clouds and converging lines.

Get creative, share your stuff

There are plenty more ideas of things one can do with a wide angle lens beyond just capturing more. Shooting through the lens while holding it between one's fingers is an awesome effect as well. Taking distorted pictures of one's pets makes for great memories. In short, your imagination is the limit.

If you want to get inspired, see what others are doing by searching for #pocketlens on Instagram and other social platforms. And when you get yours, be sure to share you pictures so the community can enjoy your ideas at well.


The simple and universal design was important to us. We wanted something that could fit on an iPhone 4 or an iPhone X with dual lens. Something that could fit on our Macbooks or even our iPads. And not something limited to Apple fans, but something that works with a Google Pixel just as well as a Samsung Galaxy. This design works on 95% of phones. And in most cases it even works on top of the case. If you're uncertain ask the question, but chances are it fits.

Some instructions on assembling and using the lens for the first time

The lens arrives detached from the clip, placing the lens into the clip requires some force but once it is set you don't need to remove it anymore.

IMPORTANT: It may not be totally intuitive at first, but when taking a macro picture you need to be between 1-2 inches away from the subject. If your image is blurry, it is probably because your smartphone is too far away. Instruction video links are sent in the box, be sure to read them.