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JOYHAPPY Screen Cleaner Kit - 4 Piece Set Including Liquid Monitor Cleaner/Screen Protector Spray (17 Ounce), 2 Premium Microfiber Cloths and Keyboard Cleaning Brush for All Electronics

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  • ✅MAXIMUM VERSATILITY IN ONE KIT - JoyHappy liquid screen cleaner spray is perfect for all screens from cell phones to reading glasses. The super soft microfiber cloths ensure that there are no streaks and no scratches.
  • ✅COMPLETELY NATURAL - Our JoyHappy liquid cleaner is made from all-natural ingredients. It is 100% non-toxic and is ammonia and alcohol free with a pleasant smell.
  • ✅SUITABLE FOR ALL ELECTRONICS including iPads, e-Readers, Touchscreens, TV’s, Smart Phones, Fit Watches and more. The non-toxic alcohol and ammonia free ingredients are perfect for your eyeglasses too.
  • ✅A PROFESSIONAL KEY CLEANING BRUSH - Proper maintenance and cleaning of your keyboard keeps it in full working order. Simply turn your computer off and gently brush away any crumbs and dust that could cause problems.
  • ✅YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We’re very proud of this laptop screen cleaner and know you’ll love it, but just in case, we will give you a 100% REFUND in the event that you are not fully satisfied.

JOYHAPPY to clean your most delicate possessions.

You spend a lot of money on your electronics and you need to take care of them.

Gone are the days of being embarrassed to open your laptop in public for fear of showing off your dirty screen and dusty keyboard full of crumbs. This computer screen cleaner is the answer.

Having the right tools is essential to keeping your electronics clean and ultimately working better for longer.

In the 4-Piece JoyHappy Screen Cleaner Set you receive:
* 17 oz. spray bottle of liquid monitor cleaner and screen protector
* 2 Premium microfiber cloths
* Keyboard cleaning brush

THE JOYHAPPY TV SCREEN CLEANER is made of natural, ingredients. It contains no harsh chemicals. Allow kids and teenagers to use it to clean their electronics thus getting them into the habit early in life. It even has a pleasant smell. Cleaning your screens with this excellent formula is quick, simple and efficient.

THE MICROFIBER CLOTHS - Not all microfiber is equal and we provide you with the BEST POSSIBLE OPTION. Softer and finer than silk, using these cloths to wipe away the screen cleaner ensures you a beautifully clean and streak free screen every time.

THE PROFESSIONAL KEYBOARD DETAIL BRUSH has been specially designed to get into all those nooks and crannies. Long soft hairs are able to reach the most awkward spaces and loosen any dust and particles that could eventually affect the use of your computer.

DON’T ALLOW A BIT OF UNNECESSARY DIRT TO GET THE BETTER OF YOU try this new and advanced, natural formula to make every piece of electronic equipment in your home and office shine.

JOYHAPPY is your GO-TO PLACE FOR SPECIALIZED CLEANING In the event of any problems you may have with this product simply drop us a line and we will work it out with you.