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Laptop Cell Phone Mount; Mobile Phone Stand for top of Laptop; Face Height Cellular Phone Holder

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  • Ideal positioning - Holds cell phone above a laptop screen and places phone at face height - hands free, comfortable viewing angle, more flattering teleconference video, and dual screen use.
  • For work or play - Ideal for teleconferencing, multi-tasking, doing homework, watching videos, playing music, cooking, and more.
  • Easy to use - Simple yet effective design, zero setup time, nothing to adjust, small and easy to transport, and saves space on your desk.
  • Compatibility - Compatible with all cell phone types, and charging.
  • Made in America

In a new age of digital meetings, virtual schooling, and teleconferencing, this newly designed cell phone stand that mounts to the top of a laptop screen allows you to increase efficiency, implement dual screen usage, and improve video conference experience by positioning your phone at face height.

  • Make your life efficient and easy: Diverse in its usage, this stand can be used for work or play; teleconferencing, multitasking, watching videos, and so much more.
  • Enhance comfort and appeal: Convenient for video chat while laptop screen is being used for other tasks. Hands free viewing. Face height positioning is easy on your back and neck and ideal angle for more flattering videos and teleconferencing.
  • Find a simple solution to big problems: Differentiated by its minimalist design and versatility. One piece design easily mounts to the top of a laptop screen to increase productivity and visibility. Simple hooks slip over the top edge of a laptop edge to securely hold the phone at face height. Small size slips in a bag for easy transportation.
  • High compatibility due to considerate design: Works with all phone types and can charge while in mount. Works anywhere your laptop is - table, desk, kitchen counter, on your lap on the couch or in bed.
  • Benefits over other mounts: Does not take up desk or table space, no need to add adhesives or magnets to laptop or phone.