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Phone Camera Lens,Clip on Cell Phone Lens kit 5 in 1, 235° Fisheye Lens + 25X Macro Lens + 0.62X Super Wide Angle Lens,Starlight+Kaleidoscope,for Most iPhone Android Phones and Smartphones

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  • ◆5-in-1 complete mobile camera lens kit◆:Bostionye phone camera lens kit is perfect for exploring more advanced mobile photography .Includes 5 lenses:0.62 Super wide angle Lens, 25X Macro lens, 235°Fisheye lens,Kaleidoscopes, Starburst,universal clip, and Bostionye storage bag。
  • ◆With unique features◆: 235° fisheye lens-create interesting and unique circular mysterious effect pictures. 25x macro lens-Alignment lens for shooting flowers, insects and other small objects (optimal shooting distance: 1 to 3 inches).0.62ultra wide-angle lens-capture a large field of view to get an amazing angle of view. Starburst Lens like"stars,"streaking outward from a central light source.This can make lighting within the scene take on a more glittering,glamorous appearance.
  • ◆The kit is suitable for use on my phone?◆:The lens kit works on 99% popular cell phones on the market. If the distance from the center of the camera(the phone has only one camera) or the main camera(two or more cameras) to any edge of your phone is less than 2.2cm, then the kit will work on your phone.How to know which is the main camera: block the camera one by one with the camera app on, the one you see a blockage there is the main camera.
  • ◆High quality◆: Bostionye mobile phone lens kit: The professional HD lens adopts industrial-grade aluminum and advanced optical glass lens design, which can provide you with a clear lens and reduce glare and reflection. So you can take photos with amazing clarity and detail while being confident that they will last forever. Shooting artwork pictures by using your smartphones with our phone camera lens kit,enjoy the technical image effect.
  • ◆Best Gift Choice & 100% Satisfaction◆:A phone lens kit that will provide you an extraordinary experience to capture wonderful moments in your life. The kit is fully equipped and packed in a storage box (can be carried by hand), this lens kit would be a very nice gift choice.Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us. You could still reach out to us even the return window of Amazon has been closed. Don’t be hesitate. Thrill your family and friends with Bostionye phone lens right now!

◆When the lens is used in the "dual triple camera" mobile phone ◆:
Because the phone has a "dual triple camera", you must point at one of the phone's cameras to ensure that you can capture photos. (Usually, as long as you make sure that the lens is aimed at the center of the phone's left (top) camera, everything will work well). You only need to cover one of the main lenses, not all of them.
25x macro lens: Discover the beauty of details; very suitable for taking close-up shots of insects, jewelry, coins, plants, etc. Note: You need to place the camera very close to the subject 1-3cm.
0.62X Ultra-wide-angle lens: Expands the shooting range of the original mobile phone, and captures various scenes with excellent resolution and clarity to better show the scenery completely.
235°Fisheye lens: The fisheye lens can capture large scenes and provide a circular aquarium effect for the image. This will take you into an amazing fantasy world.
Kaleidoscope lens: For example, if you shoot at a small angle, you will see another flower pattern.
Starburst Lens: like"stars,"streaking outward from a central light source.This can make lighting within the scene take on a more glittering,glamorous appearance.
◆Please wipe clean all lenses before use◆
◆It is best to remove the phone case to take better photos◆
◆All lenses cannot change the original pixel problem of the phone◆
Package Includes:
235° Fisheye Lens × 1
0.62X Wide Angle Lens × 1
25X Macro Lens × 1
Kaleidoscope × 1
Starburst × 1
Universal Clamp× 1
Microfiber cloth × 1
Bag × 1
User Manual × 1