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Wireless Lavalier Microphone Hollyland Lark 150 - Compact Wireless Microphone System Charging Case & 2 Transmitters & 1 Receiver Professional Mini Lapel Mic for Smartphones,DSLR,Video Cameras,Live

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  • 🎵【2 transmitters and 1 receiver wireless lavalier microphone】Hollyland Lark 150 wireless mic, includes 2 transmitters and 1 receiver , it can record two sound sources at the same time, while picking up the main sound, it restores the shooting scene with high fidelity, providing broadcast-level sound quality. 20Hz~20KHz ultra-wide radio frequency, capture more sound details, and record your voice accurately and clearly.
  • 🎵【3-in-1 function】:The charging case can store, pair and charge, upgrade the kits. Simply put transmitters and receiver into the case, they are automatically paired and automatically start to charge. Long battery life, wireless charging, TX full power can be used continuously for 4 hours, RX full power can be used for 7 hours, with the charging box, the longest battery life is more than 17 hours, and the charging station can be used to charge the entire device 2.5 times.
  • 🎵【300ft Stable Transmission & low latency】: 300ft wireless transmission distance, 5ms low-delay real-time transmission,adopts bat obstacle avoidance stabilization technology, t scans the surrounding frequency points at a frequency of 8000 times per second, intelligently selects high-quality frequency point links, and greatly enhances stability. Loop-out interface, can realize real-time monitoring.
  • 🎵【Intelligent noise reduction & anti-vibration】: DSP intelligently filters environmental noise ,record the original sound truly, reduce post-stage noise reduction processing work, and facilitate post-editing and tuning. Adopts an anti-vibration structure, built-in floating buffer sponge, effectively avoiding the collision between the microphone and the shell during movement, reducing noise, and realizing delicate sound collection.
  • 🎵【Wide compatibility and application scenarios】: Hollyland Lark150 wireless microphone is suitable for recorders, cameras, digital SLRs (Sony, Canon, etc.), camcorders, iPhone/iPad/Android smart phones, laptops, computers and other products. It is widely used in various shooting scenes, such as Youtube, advertising, VLOG shooting, news interviews, web live broadcast, video dubbing, web teaching, video conference, micro film shooting, etc.
  • 🎵【OLED ultra-clear screen&Two-way mute】: Not afraid of strong light, it can visually display link status, audio dynamics, level gain, battery power and other information when shooting outside.TX/RX click [METU] button to achieve mute switching. After shooting, the model and cameraman can actively shut off the microphone, which can effectively prevent sound leakage.
  • 🎵【Safe audio track】: After the safe audio track mode is turned on, the microphone will automatically switch to mono. While saving the original audio, the sound will be automatically reduced by 6db for backup, not afraid of popping, and escort the sound.

Product Description

Hollyland LARK 150, like wireless earphone, is an easy-to-use wireless microphone system.

  • 2 transmitters and 1 receive, broadcast-grade sound quality
  • 100m wireless transmission distance / 5ms low latency
  • Omnidirectional, sensitive radio
  • 2.4GHz automatic pairing / OLED ultra clear screen
  • DSP intelligent noise reduction
  • Only 20g Transmitter lightweight and portable.
  • Bat obstacle avoidance stabilization technology 8000 times/sec intelligent frequency sweep
  • Mono/stereo/safe sound track mode
  • Real-time monitoring of loop out interface / Two-way mute
  • Compatible: suitable for SLR cameras/micro-single cameras/cameras; Apple/Android phones; sound cards/recorders/mixers and other devices (iOS/Andriod/Window/Mac)
  • Occasion: Double interview, micro video recording, Vlogging, webcast

Small and Light

The coin-sized mic weighs only 0.72oz/20.5g, as lightweight as a walnut. With built-in belt clip on TX and RX, the microphones can easily clip on any collar/lapel without pulling down your shirt, and the receiver can hold on to camera’s mount stably. The Lark 150 omnidirectional microphone also comes with 2 pairs of lavalier mics and furry wind-muffs. The wind-muffs are perfect to use in windy environment. You can choose different installation and audio input methods as you like.

Noise Resistant Structural Design

DSP Intelligent noise cancellation, anti-vibration sound chamber design, ultra-wide frequency response, ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), plus a high-sensitivity built-in omnidirectional microphone on the TX for a high-precision sound pickup and professional sound quality.

Anti-seismic design

Using an anti-seismic structure, being able to move again is to reduce the noise generated by internal friction/vibration, and make the movement sound pure.

Fast Auto-pairing, Upgrade, Storage for the Whole System

The charging case is not only a power solution, you can get the kit paired, carry everything inside, and even upgrade the system by connecting the charging case to your computer using USB-C cable. The whole kit is automatically paired, and charged once put into the charging case. The OLED screen on the receiver shows the battery level of TX and RX. And the indicator lights help you understand their status.

Gain Adjustment

The gain can be adjusted up to 21 levels simply by turning the thumbwheel on the RX, and it is compatible with many recording environments. (* If you don't like the white noise, please set the microphone gain to 14-15 and set the camera volume to the minimum.

Three Audio Recording Modes

Audio from TX1 and TX2 is mixed and output to left and right channel. The audio from left and right channel is the same. STEREO MODE: Audio recorded from TX1 is output to the left channel and TX2 to the right. The audio from left and right channel is different. SAFETY MODE: The audio recorded from TX1 and TX2 is mixed and output to the left channel, and the output to the right channel in the state of -6dB. The audio is the same, but the volume is different. (This is to prevent sound cracking during recording.)

Two Way Mute

Microphones can be muted by one click on the corresponding button from both TX and RX. Click the mute button on RX, or click the power button on TX to mute the mic, giving you easy and complete control over the entire system.

Wide Compatibility with Devices

The receiver has a 3.5mm TRS audio output port. By using the included 3.5mm TRRS cable and 3.5mm TRS cable, it is compatible with any camera, smartphone, PC, tablet, camcorder, recorder, and more devices with 3.5mm input port.

Product Parameters

Interfaces TX: 3.5mm Audio Input Port Charging/Upgrading Contacts RX: 3.5 mm TRS Output Interface 3.5mm Headset Interface Charging/Upgrading Contacts Charging Case: USB Type-C Interface
Frequency Bandwidth Frequency band: 2.4G~2.48GHz adaptive frequency modulation Power: 10dBm max Modulation method: GFSK
Built-In Mic Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
Lavalier Mic Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
Reference Audio Input Level -65 dBV
Maximum Input Sound Pressure 100dB SPL (1KHz@1m)
Dynamic Range 100 dBA
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Audio Output Change Range 21-State: 45dB
Transmission Latency 5ms
Battery Mode TX: 200mAh (0.76Wh) RX: 530mAh (1.96Wh) Charging Case: 3350mAh (12.16Wh)
Battery Life TX: 4.5h RX: 7.5h Charging Case: About 2.5 times (Charge 2 TX and 1 RX at the Same Time in Full Charged States)
Charging Time TX: 1.5h RX: 2h Charging Case: 2.5h
Firmware Upgrade Method PC
Dimensions TX: (L*W*H) 37*37*17.5mm RX: (L*W*H) 67*41*20.5mm Charging Case: (L*W*H) 121*61*43.5mm
Weight TX: 20.5g RX: 51g Charging Case: 227.5g